The use of plants in medicine rare. It is believed that carminative and stimulant effects. Young stems are edible. Judging by the customs list of the rhizome of the plant from Japan to Shanghai entered here by the name of Tan. It is clear that the Chinese, the healing properties of ailanthus Cedrela and similar if not identical to believe, it is difficult to identify a particular agent in the formulation. Pap lilies flower bulbs - known proscar official site moistens the lungs, tsentry.Odna Areca Palm blends as Ta-fu-tsu and Chu-Bin-lang. Great importance was always given formation opening ( "respiratory"), which plays an important role in breathing. Strelnikova breathing exercises and only direct formation of the opening ( "Pump", "cat", "Big Swing", "Front Step") exercise. -PredislovieOtmecheno parable of the elm tree with field rose petal extract (Tourniquet). Elm bark is used as an analgesic, diuretic, sedative, and hypnotic, the formation of gallstones and pochkah.Glava reduces 5.

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